Forecastle Festival doesn't want you to feel blue about the environment [Music]

"Be a warrior for your environment!"

Really, I wanted to pretend he was a smurf, but the Na'vi at Forecastle wanted to plug his hair into mine and teach me all about sustainable living. Thanks, but my biological usb port is already plugged into - though I have heard worse pickup lines.

The "activism" portion of Forecastle’s slogan is obvious at every turn. The sustainable living carnival has nearly a dozen church fair style booths with a heavy environmental twist. Toss the plastic, glass, or cans through a basketball hoop to remind you about recycling, bob for pollutants instead of apples, and, of course, oogle the scantily clad hipster chicks in their organic cotton halter dresses as they bend over to demonstrate how you too can love the environment.

Image credit Chris-Rachael Oseland

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