Forecastle Festival surprisingly lacking recycling efforts [Music]


I was very surprised to see that there were not more recycling bins at the 2010 Forecastle Festival. Near the food concessions there were some, but not nearly enough considering every drink served was either in a plastic soda container, a aluminum can, or a Solo cup. People were drunk and lazy at the festival. How about some signs that explain what things can be recycled from the actual festival?

recycling Forecastle FestivalThis picture was captured in front of the main stage during Saturday's CAKE performance. A worker was carrying around a trash bag and collecting trash...look closely and you'll see that most of the items could and should have been recycled. Now there is a chance that this man took the time to sort all the garbage from the recyclables after my eyes stopped watching him, but unlikely.

Next year less booths about recycling and more actual recycling...or better yet biodegradable food and beverage containers...think about it!

Photo Courtesy of my iPhone

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