Forge - a new website for Louisville entrepreneurs [Technology]


Forging the way for Louisville entrepreneurs by building an open community for innovators, comes Forge [Beta]. Do you have an idea and just don't know where to start? Let Forge and its community help get your business up and running.  

Created by 24 year old, Adam Fish, the site aims to create a very strong online (and offline) community, provide inspiring content, and act as a vehicle to forge transformative ideas or innovations. 

Are you a fit? According to the website, Forge targets: entrepreneurs, financiers, vendors (such as lawyers and accountants), students, and anyone else that has a desire to create change.

Personally, I'm excited that someone has begun to spark the passion of entrepreneurship within Louisville via an online collaboration website that will ultimately enable us to create an innovative community on and offline. 

Find out more at their website or hear Adam Fish speak about Forge here.

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