Frostbite 5K road closures to affect traffic flow Saturday [Highlands]


I am a runner, but I haven't quite mastered making good time in bad weather. There are plenty who aren't afraid of a little nip during their workout and it is these folks who get to cash in on the latest River City Race this weekend - The Frostbite 5K.

The fun starts January 15th at 9:00 a.m. at the Rugby Field in Cherokee Park and will occupy the following roads until 11 a.m.:

All of the Scenic Loop, and nearly all of Cherokee Park, will have its roadways closed or traffic diverted

Ledge from Lexington to Scenic Loop
Scenic Loop from Ledge to Alexander
Alexander from Scenic Loop to Willow
Willow from Alexander to Cherokee Rd
Cherokee Rd from Willow to Eastern Pkwy
Barret Hill Rd from Scenic Loop to Sulgrave
Scenic Loop from Barret Hill Rd to Beals Branch Rd
Beals Branch Rd from Scenic Loop to Fehr
Scenic Loop from Beals Branch Rd to Cochran Hill Rd
Cochran Hill Rd from Scenic Loop to Lexington

Graphic courtesy of River City Runs

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