Get your daughters into roller derby - and you can play too [Family and Parenting]

Kimmy Crippler and Junior Roller Girls


Derby City Roller Girls are introducing Kentucky’s first Junior League. For those that haven’t heard of roller derby, it is currently the fastest growing sport in the world.

The goal of roller derby are pretty simple. Each team has single point scoring skater ("Jammer") whose object is to race around many opposing skaters as they can. The remaining skaters who aren't scoring points work both on offense and defense at the same time - to block the opposing Jammer and to clear a path for their own Jammer.

It’s a very athletic team sport, and it’s a great activity to get your children involved in. DCRG is looking for girls ages 6-17 to skate, as well as skaters 18+.

This could be a great “mom and me” activity if both decide to get involved. To find out more information, attend the Informational Meeting on September 23rd from 10am-12pm at Champs Rollerdrome at 9851 Lagrange Rd.

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