Ghyslain on Market launches new gin & tonic gelato to celebrate the summer Olympics [Food & Dining]


I love gelato. When my grandparents took me to Italy, we had some everyday. It's creamy, rich and oh so delicious. I recently went down to Ghyslain to try their new gin & tonic flavored gelato. Ghyslain is a French Bakery and Cafe located on East Market Street. Ghyslain specializes in French pastries and chocolates but their Louisville location also serves sandwiches, soups, salads and gelato.

In honor of the Olympics, Ghyslain has developed a gin & tonic gelato.  With gin & tonic being one of my favorite drinks, I knew I had to try it in ice cream form. The gelato is rich and creamy but very refreshing. You taste the juniper but it's subtle and not overbearing. You also get hints of citrus and herbs.

Ghyslain Maurais, the owner and creator, told me how and why he came about creating this delicious dessert.   Having spent time abroad in London, Maurais often enjoyed the traditional British gin & tonic in the summer.  With the Summer Olympics coming up in London this year, Maurais wanted to do something to commemorate the event.  The gelato is made by first combining the juniper berries with milk and lime zest letting the ingredients sit overnight. Then lime juice and Tanqueray gin are added to the gelato recipe completing the mixture.  The result is a well-balanced refreshing and creamy dessert.
This gelato is the perfect treat for cooling off in this 100 degree Louisville heat.  If gin & tonics aren't really your thing, you can choose from a variety of other flavors that are continually changing.  Some of their flavors include chocolate raspberry, white chocolate macadamia, maple walnut, black forest, coconut, lime, and mandarin orange. Rest assured, Ghyslain will have a flavor for you.

Ghyslain has three other locations in Indiana. Their Louisville location opened in 2011 at 721 East Market Street (across the street from Harvest, Toast and Wiltshire Pantry). They're open Monday-Sunday 7AM-9PM with the breakfast and bistro menu served daily.  


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