Gonzofest Louisville April 13, 2013


Gonzofest is Louisville's premier festival honoring the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson, a fellow Louisville native himself. Thompson left a lasting mark on art, music, and literature. Bit quirky and eccentric, Thompson made it clear that it is okay to question authority and that you really should instead of going through life blindly. His direct and brutal honesty will live on. Thompson referred to his style of writing as "gonzo journalism," a form of new journalism. It was based on the idea that allegiance to fact did not always acquire the way to truth. Instead  deeper truth could be found in the grey areas between fact and fiction.

Gonzofest will be a celebration full of Art, Spoken Word, and Music held April 13, 2013 at the Monkey Wrench from 2 pm to 12:30 am. More details are to come. Currently Gonzofest is still seeking more singer/songwriter and acoustic acts. Check out Gonzofest on Facebook to inquire about music and to check out the new Art and Literary Contest (three categories: high school, college, and amateur).


Image: courtesy of Gonzofest's Facebook page