Great grub on the cheap at Whole Foods [Fitness & Health]

Great grub on the cheap at Whole Foods! Every Thursday from 6-8pm Whole Foods serves up dinner for Family Night! Each week there's a variety of lip-smacking healthier meals for $5.99 for adults and kids eat FREE! The food is clean and the deal is mean! There's something for everyone from vegans to fried chicken lovers, so everyone walks away happy--and full! Enjoy live music while you throw down, cheer as your kiddos play games (or just be thrilled that they are distracted so you can polish off their "omg-this-is-so-good mac and cheese") and hit the wine tasting at the WF Wine Shop next door, too! This week's event is the last in their summer series of Patio Parties, but the shindig moves inside for the fall. So let's calculate: $11.98 for two adults and zilch for your kid crew. Ummm....I think this counts as a supa dupa deal!

Here is the menu for Patio Party 8/30:

Adult Menu:

Pulled BBq pork sandwiches topped with fried green tomato
Vegan BBq tofu cutlet topped with fried green tomato
Fried Bone-In Chicken Breast

Heirloom tomato and cucumber salad
Lime and poblano watermelon salad
Stewed okra with Roma Tomatoes

Kids Menu:
Mac and Cheese
Hot Dogs
Fried Chicken Drumsticks

See you there!


Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods