Groucho's presents the 'Wild Zero' drinking game tonight [Movies]

Groucho's presents the 'Wild Zero' drinking game tonight [Movies]

I may be a parent, but I am also in my mid-twenties, and sometimes a guy needs to send the kid off to the grandparents' house for the night to engage in some good old fashioned debauchery (responsibly, of course). The drinking game is a time-honored tradition dating back to the days of the ancient Sumerians (citation needed). My personal contribution is the annual Academy Awards Drinking Game, which is expertly crafted and even has an official rule sheet. We take this affair seriously in my house.

Movies are great for drinking games, and there are countless websites devoted to laying out the rules for any specific film. (See how far you get in Braveheart if you take a drink every time Mel Gibson says the word “freedom.”) One of the best and most notorious drinking games belongs to the movie Wild Zero. I played this game once and I honestly don't remember the movie – it's quite effective.

Wild Zero is a Japanese horror/comedy film in which the rock band Guitar Wolf is mankind's only defense against hostile aliens who unleash a horde of zombies upon the world. Or something like that – again, I don't remember much.

The game itself is simple: you take a drink anytime someone drinks, someone combs their hair, a head explodes, fire shoots out of something, or someone yells, “Rock and roll!!” (The DVD is very helpful; it contains a special feature which puts up little images of beer mugs whenever one of these things occurs, to remind the viewer, which is helpful – sometimes all of these things can converge and it's time to just chug.)

Tonight! Groucho's hosts this very special drinking game for all the adventurous ones who aren't terribly concerned about their livers, or their ability to not have a headache tomorrow. Bring a designated driver or cash for a taxi or City Scoot – don't be stupid. And feel free to come to my table and say hello – I'll be the exceptionally sexy one.

Groucho's is located at 935 Goss Avenue. The film starts at 9:30; doors open at 9:00. There is no cover – let's face it, you'll be buying lots of beer. Further event details can be found at Facebook.

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