Halloween at Cellar Door Chocolates

Bunnicula and a chocolate sugar skull pop

With Halloween fast approaching, you might be wondering where to get some higher-end treats for handing out. Of course, not to the spooky kids on the street, but to those you know - family, friends, and the like will all love some treats from Cellar Door Chocolates.


I went to Butchertown Market this week to check out their main store, and I was super excited by all the Halloween-themed chocolates and candies they had. The picture above shows a white-chocolate Dia de los Muertos-style skull and a white chocolate peanut butter filled Bunnicula (reminiscent of the children's book). These candies are only a sampling of their holiday selection, all of which looked incredibly delicious - I had to leave the store with just a few things to avoid spending a fortune.


One of my favorite items they currently have is a huge chocolate sugar skull. I’ve seen them for sale at a couple different locations, and they’d make a great Halloween treat to set out and stare at until you couldn’t resist temptation any more. Sugar skulls are small works of art, and I think I’d have to work myself up to finally opening that package and destroying that delicious art.


Sugar Skull


Cellar Door Chocolates are available at Cellar Door's main location at Butchertown Market, as well as several candy stores and Louisville-centric establishments. A list of locations is available on their website, here.


Do yourself a favor and pick up some Halloween treats while you still have the holiday excuse to spend money on inordinate amounts of chocolate.


Photo courtesy of Benjamin Marcum.

Feature photo courtesy of shutterstock

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