Hambone brings gritty blues style to Lyndon Pub Saturday night [Lyndon]


Usually known for it's classic sportsbar atmosphere and solid bar-food selection, The Lyndon Pub will be the place to catch the gritty, backwoods "blues" stylings of Hambone.

Hambone's style of play has been described as a"trance that stems from North Mississippi and old school punk, innate grooves that make you move even though you don’t know why..."

An Indianapolis native from a middle class family, he has taken the art of blues and turned it into something else entirely.  Here's a sample of his lyrics from the song  "Make You Leave."

When I walk right through your door

I'm ready for machine gun fire.

Then you throw up on the bathroom floor

Because love is sicker than it is higher.

Catch this hot artist Saturday July 17 at the Lyndon Pub, 813 Lyndon Lane, at 9pm. He is also at Bearnos Highlands at 7pm on Friday July 16.


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