Hannah Georges came into her own at Headliners Friday evening [Music]

Hannah Georgas opened for Kathleen Edwards Friday evening at Headliners

Kathleen Edwards and Hannah Georgas became fast friends after meeting in September 2011.  Kathleen invited Hannah on tour and the rest is history, almost.  Headliners welcomed Kathleen and Hannah as they tour North America in support of Edwards’ newest full length album, Voyageur, which dropped January 17, 2012. 

The lights dimmed and out walked a very natural Hannah Georges with Andrew Braun (guitar/keyboards and backing vocals).  Hannah stayed close to her mic as she opened her 45 minute set with “Elephant”, a single set to be released on her much anticipated, untitled album. More people arrived as Hannah played, gathering around the stage.  Hannah’s on stage persona was timid and she only briefly addressed the audience after her first song to introduce herself and Andrew. 

Hannah and Andrew both played guitar; Andrew used a keyboard program to provide bass for the set.  Hannah used a guitar synthesizer to exaggerate the upbeat tempo of many of her songs, including “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” and “Chit Chat”, both from her 2010 release, This is Good.  Fleeting moments of eye contact with the audience translated into, 'I am focused on my music'.  Andrew stayed put for the majority of the set.  Andrew’s movements were in time with the music, yet very mechanical. There were many cheers following each song, but several comments were noted about her stage presence being less than expected.

Hannah’s comfort level with the audience increased about 20 minutes into the set.  Hannah warmed up to the audience as she talked about her life, how she met Kathleen Edwards, and gave some insight about her songs between tunes.  Hannah covered her favorite song, “New Moon” by John Maus and closed her set with “I Fantasize”, also from her unreleased album expected out later this Spring. 

Following the set, Hannah took the time to chat with her fans at her table, signing CD’s and albums.  Hannah said, “This tour has been a blast and Louisville is a great city to visit; the people are so nice here.”  There is a good possibility Hannah will be sure to put Louisville on her list of stops when she tours North America following the release of her new album.

Cover photo: Courtesy of Hannah Georgas

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Andrew Braun takes care of guitar, keys, and back-up vocals