Harvest, Hogs, and Hoosier Beer



Sometimes the stars align in your favor. In these moments, we should definitely take advantage and celebrate.  So when one of my favorite restaurants announced a dinner utilizing one of my favorite farmers AND favorite breweries, I decided to take advantage.

This Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 Harvest Restaurant at 624 East Market Street will be hosting a beer dinner featuring New Albanian Brewing Company beer and a Red Wattle Hog from Barr Farms.  (If you still need a little more convincing, just say “wattle” in your head a few times over.)

On top of an exciting snout to tail menu, there will be live music by Scott Moore of the 23 String Band. There is a cocktail hour at 6 pm followed by dinner at 7 pm.  Below is a detailed schedule of the evening.

Hog Jowl Scones
Pretzel crostini, Smoked Rib Kam
Open-faced Pastrami Tongue & Cheek Reuben

Beer: Naughty Girl

~ One ~
Beer brined head, trotters & hocks, hominy, toasted garlic-coriander broth, cabbage, grilled rapini

Beer: Black & Bluegrass

~ Two ~
Baby salad greens, blue dog crostini, pickled ramp relish, crispy ears

Beer: Oaktimus

~ Three ~
Pork roast
Boulangerie potato cake, crispy pork rillons, carbonnade jus, crispy sweet potatoes

Beer: Bonfire of the Valkyries ~

~ Four ~
15-B chocolate ganache truffle
Torched malted marshmallow, sugar spiced pork rinds, coffee gastrique

Beer: 15-B

~ Send off ~
Beer: Elector


For a spot at this full fledged, hog wild, sustainable eating extravaganza, call Harvest at 502.384.9090 or visit their website here.  Cost is $65 per person.