Has Jack Conway worshipped the devil? [News]


Yesterday Page One Kentucky posted Jack Conway's high school yearbook entry:

U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway's yearbook profile.
Note the quote:

"Whenever I choose between two evils, I choose the one I’ve never tried."

So if the now Democratic U.S. Senate candidate was presented with the option of smoking cigarettes for the second time or taking a maiden voyage into devil worship, he'd hail Satan.

Why is Jack Conway so willing to worship the devil?* Why did Jack Conway introduce this ridiculous line of reasoning into the campaign? Why are there so many questions about Jack Conway?

*Conclusion based on the assumptions that devil worship is evil and an ever-present option (likely beliefs of Conway, a Catholic and St. Xavier graduate), and the Aqua Buddha theory of politics that Conway injected into the campaign (which allows for the literal interpretation of schoolboy utterances).

Photos: Top--Kentucky Office of the Attorney General; Bottom--Page One Kentucky.

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