High school basketball power rankings [sports]

High school basketball power rankings

Here are your top five teams in the area for the week ending 2/12. There is absolutely no surprise at the top spot, the Trinity Shamrocks have only lost to one school in the state and have dominated the competition week after week. Trinity is riding a seven game win streak and is the team to beat heading into post season play.

Louisville.Com High School Basketball Power Rankings:

1. Trinity (24-3) Last Game: 85-62 win over Central last night. Next Game: Tuesday at home versus Elizabethtown.

2. Moore (24-4) Last Game:  81-43 win over Seneca on Friday. Next Game: Tuesday at home versus Iroquois.

3. Pleasure Ridge Park (22-5) Last Game: 97-43 win over Fairdale on Friday. Next Game: Friday versus Moore on the road.

4. Bullitt East (20-4) Last Game: 67-41 win over North Bullitt. Next Game: Tomorrow at Bullitt Central.

5. Ballard (20-6) Last Game: 85-65 win over Eastern. Next Game: Tomorrow at Jeffersontown.

6th Region Standings:

1. Moore (24-4), 10-0 region

2. PRP (22-5), 14-1 region

3. Bullitt East (20-4), 8-1 region

4. Southern (20-6), 12-4 region

5. Bullitt Central (19-7), 7-5 region.

7th Region Standings:

1. Trinity (24-3), 7-0 region

2. Ballard (20-6), 11-0 region

3. St. Xavier (17-8), 8-4 region

4. Manual (16-9), 10-1 region

5. Male (16-12), 5-4 region

Photo courtesy: Trinity