Hillbilly Outfield, a Derby party for the rest of us: Preview [Kentucky Derby]


Want to go to a Derby Week event that doesn't require cocktail party attire, a big hat, or usage of the proper race lingo? Then perhaps the Hillbilly Outfield is for you!

Image an entire weekend of free drinks, food, live music, both audio and video Derby coverage, games and more (with the purchase of a wristband). You can just hang out, or you can bring a tent and stay! Dare I call it the "Woodstock" of the Derby?

But here's the best part…net proceeds from ticket sales, donations and silent auctions go to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation!

The Hillbilly Outfield festivities start on Friday, May 6, and carry on through Sunday. Check out their website for details (www.hillbillyoutfield.org) and reserve your spot for a tent…or, stop by and PARTY!

The event takes place at 12400 Old Shelbyville Rd, Louisville.

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