This Is Horse Country [Breeders Cup]


Tonight is the big night, the Breeder's Cup begins. I have to confess that I am no more knowlegable about this event than I was on Monday when I asked my husband "Babe, just what is the Breeder's Cup?". He looked at me and said, "It's horse racing. Your're in horse country." Well, duh. I knew that. Still, I tried to do a little research and other than hearing about the amazing record that Zenyatta hopes to maintain (and from Regis Philben on "Regis and Kelly", no less) I still don't have much to add that hasn't already been said by my fellow writers. So saying, I think you should check out the following write-ups that have been posted here at

Pick me! Pick me! How a horse gets into the Breeders' Cup [Breeders' Cup] by Jenni Laidman,

Breeders' Cup 2010 events schedule [Horse racing] by Amy Talbott,

(and just because I wish I'd thought of writing something like this ) 

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