HullabaLOU announces new artists: Quantity trumps quality again


Not to beat a Barbaro (too soon?), but HullabaLOU's announcement today of artists added to its lineup--including Tonic; Ben Folds; and Blood, Sweat & Tears--does nothing to address earlier criticism that the music festival is stale and safe.

Props are deserved though for CDE adding local acts like Brigid Kaelin and Villebillies.

The lineup, however, continues to lack musicians who take risks: HullabaLOU might offer entertainment, but it does not offer art.

Today's development comes just two weeks after HullabaLOU was rocked by the devastating news that Richard Marx was pulling out of the festival, most likely because he decided playing a half-empty VFD was a better gig.

Equally upsetting was local blogger Louey Ville's discovery that the festival includes assigned seats, no doubt to prevent concertgoers from getting dirt up the legs of their jean shorts.

The new acts announced today are

  • Dierks Bentley
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • Ben Folds
  • Train
  • The Avett Brother
  • Justin Moore
  • Tonic
  • Rick Bartlett’s Rockin’ Soul Revival
  • Exile
  • Green River Ordinance
  • Brigid Kaelin
  • Hazel Miller
  • J.D. Shelburne
  • Stealing Angels
  • Villebillie

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Photo: Courtesy HullabaLOU

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