Hustle for mussels at Hanabi

Baked Mussels at Hanabi

I don’t make my way out to Prospect very often, but I did last weekend for a date, and we had dinner at a nice little sushi place! Tucked back into a shopping center, it was an excellent discovery.

We ate a few things, but I really wanted to share our appetizer, the “Baked Mussels”, with you because they were surprisingly delicious. Each little shell was topped with imitation crab, green onions, roe, and a “special sauce”, which was thick and delectable. Also, the mussel meat itself was nicely cooked. Our entrees were good, but we found ourselves wishing that we had ordered a giant plate of these instead!
If you find yourself out in Prospect soon, or if you’re willing to take a drive for dinner, check this place out!
Hanabi – Sushi & Japanese Cuisine
6027 Timber Ridge Road
Prospect, KY 40059
(502) 228-8244
M-Th from 11:30 to 2 for lunch & 5 to 10 for dinner
Friday and Saturday open until 11 PM
Sunday 5-9 PM
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His steak teriyaki
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