I hate my boss! - The vague billboards revealed. [News]

I Hate My Boss Billboard

I  think we have all seen the vague billboards with broad statements such as "I Hate My Boss!" - Sara M., Fairdale. Maybe you have talked about them, as I have, with people in the car with you. I wondered whether maybe someone had actually went to the trouble of buying a billboard to express their feelings, except I saw several of them. When I examined the billboards closely, I couldn't find any hint of what they meant.

Recently, Q1031, a local country radio station, revealed that they were behind this strange marketing campaign, and released the next billboard in the sequence: Hate your boss? Get on the clock with Q. $100 an hour.

Well, that doesn't clear up a whole lot except tell me who created these billboards. Apparently, the point was to bring attention to the fact that the Kentucky unemployment rate is back up to 8.5% and that job dissatisfaction is high. As a result, the station wanted to give back to the listeners. They'll be giving away $100 an hour to locals who call into the station.

It's a cheap (well, expensive, actually) ploy to get people to listen to the station, with a controversial two part marketing strategy to pull it off.

$100 or not, I'm still not going to listen to country.

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