Indie Film Night presents 'Girl Number Three' at Stonybrook Theaters [Movies]

Indie Film Night presents 'Girl Number Three' at Stonybrook Theaters [Movies]

It used to be that one had to work really hard if they wanted to see independently created film. Experimental and underground filmmakers would distribute their work amongst themselves and the true connoisseurs of the medium. However, acclaim of low-budget film is on the rise, and it is now completely possible to receive mainstream theater time.

Tonight, for instance, Rave Stonybrook is hosting a screening of local horror film Girl Number Three as part of their Indie Film Night series. (I have previously interviewed director Herschel Zahnd about his FilmAspire Podcast.) Max, the girl specified in the title, is kidnapped on the way to a Halloween party. Taken to an abandoned warehouse, she and several other girls are meant to be tortured in what appears to be a sort of Satanic ritual – but not everybody is willing to go down without a fight.

In addition to the feature, four other short films will be included in the screening: a trailer by our very own Divinity Rose, Stephen Blair's The Weight of Silence, another short by Zahnd entitled The Trimmer, and an excellent short called Maxwell Edison by Warren Ray and David Brewer (the people behind Nothing in the Flowers), which is based on a Stephen King story.

Admission to this smorgasbord of local independent film is only $7 – and most importantly, 90% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity groups Scares That Care and the Jackson County Missions Group in Ilio, Philippines.

It all starts at 7:30 at Rave Stonybrook Theaters, which is located at 2745 S. Hurstbourne Parkway. Further information about the event and the films can be found at the Facebook event page, the Indie Film Night Facebook page, or the website for Zahnd's Renegade Art Productions.

Image: Internet Movie Database

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