Interview: Afternoon in ear-X-tacy with Lucky Pineapple [Music]


This Friday marks the final performance of Louisville’s beloved funky collective, Lucky Pineapple, who have graced the local scene for nearly seven years. Reasoning for the breakup remains slightly unclear, but during an interview Monday afternoon, it was apparent that these four members have their sights on endeavors set beyond just playing in a band. Although it was a fun ride, Lucky Pineapple have called it quits for good. However, the things that lie ahead for them could assimilate to be just as fruitful.

Starting out in 2004, the Pineapple began as a concentrated mix of musicians either classically trained or pulled from the Louisville punk scene, theater performers, and improv noise artists. The outcome made for a cultured take on fusing worldly music with the styles of anything it may have dragged along while returning to Louisville. Straight from the opposite hemisphere and into your backyard, Lucky Pineapple’s tunes sound like the well-seasoned, juicy piece of refreshing music that you’re probably looking for. But don’t ask any of them to describe it for you.