Iroquois Amphitheater presents a free screening of 'Hoosiers'

Iroquois Amphitheater presents a free screening of 'Hoosiers'

I never was big on sports movies. I never was big on sports. Yeah, I played Little League baseball, and the equivalent of kid's soccer, and the equivalent of kid's basketball. It never stuck. I just can't be bothered. March Madness is a particularly iresome time of year for me – especially this year, what with U of L being so annoyingly good (I guess) at what they do. Look, people: you can't give zero spits about sports for eleven and a half months out of the year, and then suddenly be so full of pride and pomp and joy when your local college team wins the whole thing. It's annoying. Why do you suddenly care about sports? I'm a bartender, and believe you me, while we had the game on, I was all for Michigan in that final game, a sentiment which was unappreciated by my co-workers and customers. But hey, all sides have to have representation, right? Frankly, I don't understand sports fanaticism, and it has at times been shown to be detrimental to peoples' ethical health, and that's problematic.

But hey, we're a basketball town, and there's nothing to be done about it, so I am willingly bringing to your attention a free screening of one of the classic basketball films: Hoosiers, to be screened tonight at the Iroquois Amphitheater. Gene Hackman is Norman Dale, a basketball coach who takes a job at a small-town Indiana high school. With the help of the town drunk (Dennis Hopper), he turns the team around, teaches them to believe in themselves, and leads them on against all odds to the state championship. Hurrah!

Hoosiers will be shown tonight, Monday, at 8:30. Iroquois Amphitheater is located at 1080 Amphitheater Road. Complete details can be found at the Iroquois Amphitheater website.

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