Jacqueline Schwab unlocks Louisville with her majestic keys [Music]


Tonight offers a very unique opportunity to see a world traveled musician with range of expertise and influence.  Pianist Jacqueline Schwab has not only performed for a former US President but has also been featured in Ken Burn’s, Grammy award winning, Civil War and see such stages including CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman.  Her musical style stems from who she is, what she’s heard in her life and sounds the really drive her.

With a background in traditional Celtic and English music, Jacqueline’s solo show promises to deliver a blend of vintage tunes that could include everything from hymns and spirituals, waltzes, airs, and tangos.  Having the fortune of speaking with Jacqueline, she likens her solo performances to that of sharing a long standing family story.  It may change slightly over time, but the ultimate message remains intact.  That message is always that music is alive and well.

In conjunction with the University of Louisville’s School of Music professor, Dr. Jack Ashworth, Donald Corson and the Filson Historical Society, we welcome Jacqueline to the First Unitarian Church of Louisville.  I look very forward to it and hope to see you all there.


photo credit: jacquelineschwab.com

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