Karen's "Big Damn Guide" to Downtown New Albany this Weekend [Southern Indiana]


New Albany is going to be absolutely hopping this weekend! This is a super awesome compendium of weekend events, attractions, and special hours for local businesses. Alas, I can't take the credit for making this amazing list. It was put together by Karen Gillenwater (curator at the Carnegie Center for Art & History), and then added to and updated at NA Confidential

This list makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about living in New Albany. And, as someone whose undergrad is in art, it's especially exciting to see all this emphasis on the arts in my own town. Of all the glassworks I've seen so far, the one pictured above is my favorite. It looks like a retro 70s pillow. The pattern is beautiful. Ah, but there are many more glassworks I have yet to see...

The image above is: 

C. Matthew Szösz                                                              
Untitled (Inflatable) No. 40, 2008
Fused and inflated glass
18 x 12 x 10 in.