The Kentucky Center for the Arts presents a free screening of 'Inocente'

See the documentary 'Inocente' and meet Inocente herself tonight at the Kentucky

Last year, my wife-at-the-time ended up in a hospital for a few days. There were some programs for her and her fellow patients – including Art Therapy. I'd heard of this before, and had even met a person or two going to school for the subject. Now, I don't know what Art Therapy generally consists of, but in this instance, it was something like picking a color and revealing what that says about your personality – like one of those silly online personality quizzes. It was... not helpful. But the idea of art, actual art, as a healing device is pretty solid. I've been going through something recently, and I find solace in my art, in my filmmaking. When I start to get stressed and my head won't shut up, I plan my next project, or if I have access to my computer, I continue work on my current project, in its editing stages. My aforementioned wife-that-was, in the meantime, would always write to calm her crazy. The creative process is useful as a coping mechanism.

Inocente Izucar was a fifteen year old girl living in San Diego – and she was homeless. Her solace was painting; every day she would wake up and paint her face, because paint is a comfortable thing and it made her feel better about the start of her day. She waits for the day that it will all turn around – and then she is noticed and given the opportunity for an art show, which will hopefully transform her life in the way she has been craving.

The film is Inocente, and it was this year's winner of the Academy Award for Best Short Documentary. Tonight, Monday, the film will be screened at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, and Inocente herself will be in attendance for a meet-and-greet.

The event is free and it all starts at 5:00. The KCA is located at 501 W. Main Street.

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