Kentucky Derby Hat Gallery: Winner's Circle [Kentucky Derby]



We broke the rest of the hats into categories for biggest, smallest, and home grown infield goodness. This gorgeous, carefully made hat didn't fit into any of those categories. It wins for both beauty and originality. we love it so much we have both a front and back view. 


This unique fascinator is one of the few that looked just as appropriate in the Infield Club as it did out among the muddy masses - all while still being beautiful. That's an amazing combination.


This classic oversized Derby hat shows an amazing sense of flair. There were plenty of hats decorated with roses and feathers, but this one pulls them togeether with incredible style. 

Now that we've seen the best of the best, let's check out the worst of the worst. 


Papa Smurf wants his mushroom back.


This hat makes me want a bag of peanuts and a dancing monkey cranking a squeezebox.


I couldn't stop staring at this hat. What it lacked in girth it made up for in height. 

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