Kentucky has a new landmark, the new book "Historic Kentucky Landmarks" by Robert Powell [Books]

Historic Kentucky Landmarks

Author, artist, and historian, Robert Powell has released more than 35 books mostly with regards to Kentucky. In his new release, “Historic Kentucky Landmarks,” he has more than 100 beautiful pen-ink drawings depicting Kentucky’s heritage with wonderful narratives. Some of the drawings in this book go back to 1967. Powell states, “When I completed my first book in 1974, I made the statement that I could spend a lifetime drawing and writing about the exciting history and heritage of this one great state. That seems like a lifetime ago, and I am still continuing to pursue new topics, and everyday more and more subjects become historic landmarks.”

The pin-ink drawings depict historical landmarks, locally famous people and other more obscure subjects that have had their impact on Kentucky’s heritage. “Historic Kentucky Landmarks” offers a unique reference to the significance Kentucky has played in the history of our nation.

“Historic Kentucky Landmarks” is available in many outlets as well as

Photos courtesy of Robert Powell.