Knobsfest Coming Up Soon [Southern Indiana]


Looking for something fun to do next weekend?

Look no further! The other side of the river has some great festivals coming up and the first on my radar is KnobsFest! Knobsfest will take place on Saturday June 9th from noon to midnight at St. Mary’s of the Knobs Catholic Church in beautiful Floyds Knobs, Indiana. St. Mary’s, established in 1823, is the oldest parish in the archdiocese of Indianapolis and is located just minutes away from downtown Louisville.

Some of the features of KnobsFest include home-cooked food, beer and wine, poker and other card games, booths, bingo, crafts, a pageant, entertainment throughout the day, fun for all ages in the kids’ zone, and even pony rides! The biggest attraction at Knobfest is a booth that will be displaying 30 handmade quilts. A Saturday night mass will also be held at 4:30pm in the newly built church, which can hold nearly 1,000 people.

To end the night with a bang (or should I say, “a crash”), The Louisville Crashers will be performing from 9pm-Midnight for just $10 per person!

For more information (including directions and pageant entry forms) visit

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