Ladies Beer Club at Louisville Beer Store [NuLu]


The name "Ladies Beer Club" made me think of women in white gloves, eating finger sandwiches and playing bridge. Of course the name implies that the women are drinking pints of beer instead of little cups of tea, but I still like that the name makes me think of old-fashioned ladies who lunch.

The Ladies Beer Club meets once a month at the Louisville Beer Store ( and is hosted by the store's co-owner, Lori, who is insanely knowledgeable and passionate about beer. Past events have included food and beer pairings and homebrewing how-to. At last night's gathering we took a tour  of the brewery at the BBC Tap Room ( and got to taste several of BBC's most popular beers afterwards. I walked away with a whole new respect for the guys who are slaving away in a hot brewery to make my Bourbon Barrel Stout.

It was great to hang around people who know so much about beer and are so willing to share their knowledge with connoisseur wannabes like me. Any ladies who love trying new beers or are interested in learning more about beer should check the store's website for upcoming Ladies Beer Club events. People of all other genders: just drop by the store, you won't be disappointed.

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