Land of Tomorrow Gallery offers off-beat Thanksgiving Eve potluck [Music]


If you are looking for something COMPLETELY different to do the night before a day filled with family members, turkey and potentially embarrassing situations, Land of Tomorrow Gallery (233 W. Broadway) will be hosting a ThanksGiving Eve Potluck Feast at 7pm Wednesday night. The gallery asks attendees to bring a dish or make a $5 donation at the door and has an evening of music planned.

This is where it gets completely different… Performing as NovemberGroup, musicians from local groups as varied as A7A, the Commonwealth, Lucky Pineapple, Ut Gret, Softcheque, and more will be performing Terry Riley's "In C."

If you do not know who or what that is, it is a Google search all it’s own. But a quick, oversimplification would be to say that Terry Riley is one of the founding fathers of minimalist music and tape looping, heavily influenced Pete Townshend and “In C” is his most famous work.
Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line will perform separately as well.
If you aren’t eating, the event is free, but donations will be accepted.

Photo courtesy of Land of Tomorrow Gallery

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