A League of Their Own [Unbridled Spirit Consumption]



I bleed red like a hemophiliac when it comes to Cardinal basketball. 


But I had never been to a women’s game.


To me, watching women play basketball is best left to a hungover Sunday and catching Love and Basketball on VH1.


So when my mother invited me to the UL/Villanova women’s game on Saturday, I was humored by the idea and agreed to go if I wasn’t hungover.


As it turns out, I wasn’t hungover, and waiting by the basketball fountain for my family before the game, I was in shock at the number of strangers filing in for the game. 


I had no idea that our Louisville team was rated second for attendance in women’s college hoops. In my imaginings, this would be a battle of the best performed solely before my family. But we were joined by hundreds of little boys and girls in jerseys, grown men with UL sweatsuits, older women wearing red caps, and throngs of college girls tapping away on their cell phones. 


My family showed up with Diet Pepsi’s for me to hide in my purse and intentions of buying me a $5 18-and-under ticket to save $3 (note: I’m 28-years-old). 


After some hustling, I was handed a free ticket hosting a picture of Tia Gibbs wearing a dress. The feminist in me shouted, “Why the hell do they have her dressed like she’s going to prom? This is sexist b-s!” My mom covered my mouth, ushering me inside.