Learn to belly dance this summer [Dance]


Looking to learn a new skill this summer? Try learning belly dancing! A new class is just getting started Sunday nights at Yoga on Baxter. Instructor Jeannine Buhse is teaching the class at an introductory or beginngers' level, so all are welcome.

This ancient art form will get you in great shape and teach you to control your body in ways you may not have realized were possible. Combining smooth and jerky movements, and sometimes both at one time in different parts of the body, you can tone and trim to a great beat.

The class meets at 5:45 p.m. on Sundays at Yoga on Baxter (1611 Eastern Parkway). The cost is covered by a class punch card, see http://www.yogaonbaxter.com/cost.html for more pricing information. A hip scarf will help participants with the movements, so please bring one if available.

Photo: Flikr/Christian Javan

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