Let Them Tweet Cake [Crescent Hill]


If you're under 25, into tech, or just watch the Daily Show, you've heard of Twitter. For those of you who are less tech savvy, it's a tool which gives people 140 characters to share what's going on in their lives that instant. Think of it like a semi-public text messaging forum. It's a constant, small stream of information which cumulatively lets you get to know people surprisingly well.

Michelle Jones of Consuming Louisville occasionally invites Louisville's Ladies of Twitter out for a night of good company and cake. I've been to a few of these, and ladies, if you're the person in your family who always fixes the computer, this is the place to be tonight. There's something incredibly relaxing about talking tech with other savvy women.

Let Them Tweet Cake is free - though I suggest you bring a few bucks for a slice of something from Sweet Surrender. It's not mandatory, but you'll be desperate and drooling if you don't.

Let Them Tweet Cake
Sweet Surrender
1804 Frankfort Avenue
6:30 - 8 pm

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