The LFS Ladies Cine-Club presents 'The Beguiled'

The LFS Ladies Cine-Club presents 'The Beguiled'

Clint Eastwood is one of today's Great American Filmmakers, one of those who have transitioned from acting to directing and garner Oscar nominations left and right in both categories. Truly, though, his finest acting work was in his younger days – although this statement comes largely in part due to the fact that I'm partial to spaghetti westerns, specifically the work of Sergio Leone, through whom Eastwood came into public consciousness with the films A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

These are very masculine films, and in that context it is interesting that Eastwood is in the center of the Louisville Film Society's first selection for the Ladies Cine-Club, a weekly series of movies presented throughout the month of March which showcase women and their issues.

The film is The Beguiled, directed by Don Siegel (who Eastwood would later work for with Dirty Harry). The action takes place during the Civil War at an all-girls school in Confederate territory. One day, one of the girls finds a Union soldier, John McBurney (Eastwood), wounded, and takes her home to her school. Once there, he works his charm on each of the women at the school in a sinister attempt to worm his way into some kind of power.

The Beguiled will screen tonight, Wednesday, at the Dreamland Film Society at 7:00. Screenings of the Ladies Cine-Club are only open to members of the Louisville Film Society. Luckily for you, memberships will be sold at the door. Further information about the screening, as well as memberships, can be found at the LFS website.

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