The LFS Ladies Cine-Club presents 'Devi'

The LFS Ladies Cine-Club presents 'Devi'

We live in a more enlightened time nowadays – mostly. Religious superstition still persists, but most people wouldn't believe in a modern-day deity incarnate. This is actually kind of interesting to think about; the majority of modern Christians believe that Christ is supposed to return to the world – but suppose he did? Would any of them believe it? There have been many, man men – and a few women – who have declared themselves to be the returned Savior, and although they may have gathered a small following, most people believe, rightfully so, that these are just frauds or crackpots. Look at the Bible: Jesus himself was run out for declaring himself the Messiah. He was even killed because of his presumed blasphemy. Is it not a tad hypocritical, then, for today's Christians to outright reject any and all potential second comings?

Forgive my atheistic ramblings; I'll come to the point: tomorrow, Wednesday, the Louisville Film Society presents the second installment in the Ladies Cine-Club series, a collection of films throughout the month of March which deal specifically with women and their issues. This week, the film is Devi, directed in 1960 by Satyajit Ray. Sharmila Tagore stars as Dayamoyee, a woman who takes care of her father-in-law, Kalikinkar Roy (Chhabi Biswas), a firm believer in the goddess Kali. He comes to believe that Dayamoyee is the mortal incarnation of Kali, a belief which soon spreads throughout the people, including Dayamoyee herself.

Devi will be screened at the Dreamland Film Center tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:00. Admission is free but is only open to members of the Louisville Film Society. Memberships will be available for purchase at the door. Dreamland is located at 810 E. Market Street. Further information, including online membership sales, can be found at the LFS website.

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