Library offers New Year’s Eve Party for kids [Family & Parenting]


It is not a secret that New Year’s Eve is really an adult holiday. All of the fun and festivities revolve most traditionally around doing things that kids are constantly told they are not allowed to do – stay up late, drink alcohol, make bad decisions.

So what do you do when your child has the burning desire to celebrate the changing calendar?

You could try to dress him up in a prop tux and pass him off as a midget or clown – or you could just find something suitable for him to do to celebrate before you go out and drink so much you forget his middle name.

Where in the world do you take a kid (age 3-10) to do NYE in style, though?
The Louisville Free Public Library, of course…

Head to the Library’s main branch downtown on Friday afternoon at 2 for a gathering that is promised to include “New Year’s stories” and the opportunity to “make some noise for 2011!”

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