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Film, Music, Food, & Fun- All at one place
First Annual Kentucky Film and Music Fest Festival will Celebrate Film and Music from Around the Commonwealth Saturday, November 14th from 11 am – 5 pm and 7:30 pm – 11 pm Louisville, Kentucky - LIVE at the Clifton Center, The Derby City Film Festival, and Kentucky Homefront are proud to join forces on Saturday, November 14th to present the First Annual Kentucky Film and Music Fest. The event will include documentary film screenings, performances by Kentucky-based musicians, workshops and presentations on film related subjects, and food provided by local area restaurants. The evening will conclude with a showing of "ROMP 2007 – The Legends Concert”, followed by a Kentucky Homefront concert featuring the Stephen Couch duo and the Regional Bluegrass All Stars. John Gage will host the concert, which will be taped and aired on public radio stations across the region. Highlights of the festival will include a Louisville filmmaker Peter Byck previewing scenes from his upcoming documentary “Carbon Nation”, and Gustavo Renovalez, the music director for a Louisville nonprofit media creation organization, sharing tips on setting up a “Basic Budget Basement Recording Studio”. There will also be film screenings by directors (with most present) Elvis Wilson, Mimi Pickering, Walter Brock, Dewayne Rudd, Sean Anderson and Joe Grey, live music provided by The Abe Lincoln Effect, Amazon Pilot, Lotus Blake and the Louisville Dulcimer Society, and workshops presented by Mom’s Music on harmonica, guitar, and hand percussion. The festival is an all-ages celebration of the very best in Kentucky music and film, and several workshops will be geared towards children and music beginners. At the door tickets are $5 per film, $15 for a Day Time Only Pass (All Films, Music & Workshops from 11:00am - 5:30pm), and $12 for an Evening Only Pass (Doors open at 7pm - Includes evening film and Kentucky Homefront concert. Porch Pal tickets will be honored). Advance tickets are $25 for a Full Day Event (Pass includes films, workshops and mini performances all day and Homefront Concert at 7:30 pm). Tickets are available online at Family discounts are available. Thanks to Kentucky Homefront, Derby City Film Festival, Mom’s Music, BBC, Heine Brothers Coffee and Crave Café and Catering, proceeds will benefit the Clifton Center. For more information visit or call 502.896.8480. Schedule 11:00 am -"Being Lincoln: Men with Hats", Written & Directed by Elvis Wilson Being Lincoln is an upbeat, up close look at the lives and motivations of a few of the over 160 men across the United States who are dedicated to bringing Abraham Lincoln to life. But what kind of man would spend $400 on a stovepipe hat, glue a pencil eraser on his face, and spend most of his time walking in someone else’s (very large) shoes? Find out in Being Lincoln–Men With Hats. 11:00 AM - Harmonica Clinic with Richard Matteson, Sponsored by Mom's Music Limited to 12 people. Harmonicas provided! 12 noon - Guitar Clinic with Karsten Nelson, Sponsored by Mom's Music 12 Noon - The Abe Lincoln Effect - The Abe Lincoln Effect is a new creation from former punk rocker Herbie Bramble. Yay-Cob started play bass and the two make a perfect duo with an incredible sound. Picture Abe Lincoln, Henry Rollins, Bob Dylan and Geddy Lee getting together and playing some music. That’s The Abe Lincoln Effect. 12:30 pm - "Dreadful Memories:The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning", Written & Directed by Mimi Pickering, Al Smith Fellowship artist "In a society that can honor Loretta Lynn or Emmylou Harris, but not Sarah Ogan Gunning, clearly something is wrong. It means we haven’t been able to deal with our roots. We haven’t been able to deal with our giants." -Archie Green, folklorist and labor historian. 1:00 PM - Hand Percussion Workshop with Jyn Yates Sponsored by Mom's Music 1:30 pm - "Land (and how it gets that way)", Directed by Walter Brock Filmed over a ten year period, LAND (and how it gets that way) follows several people who have been protagonists in the land use wars. The film explores their explanations for what is at stake in how land is used, their interpretations of what drives or motivates everyone involved in the land use wars, and the beliefs that drive their involvement. 2:00 pm - "Basic Budget Basement Studio" Gustavo Renovalez is an award-winning composer, songwriter, and musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is the music director for a Louisville nonprofit media creation corporation. He is also the Spanish worship minister for Southeast Christian Church. Gustavo has toured in China and Ukraine, and recorded an independently-produced album, with a Kentucky two-time Grammy award winning producer. Gustavo's workshop, "Basic Budget Basement Studio," will show how a composer can build a basic recording studio in his home, and use that studio to create cutting-edge audio tracks for film projects., 2:00 PM - Amazon Pilot – An original Rock Band from Louisville - Kristian Trapp Lead Guitar/Vocals, Chandler Casey Drums/Backup Vocals, JT Trapp Bass/Backup Vocals 2:30 pm - "Into the Way of Peace", a Cross & Flag Productions film There are two languages every culture in the world understands; love and music. Watch the Americana Music Group, led by a Kentucky two-time Grammy Award winner, and thousands of Chinese students share these two languages during Americana's two week tour of China. Enjoy a variety of American music, from the classics to contemporary pop, and hear, for the first time in America, traditional Chinese music from 1300 years ago performed by Chinese scholar-musicians. 3:00 pm - "Carbon Nation" Film Preview Filmmaker Peter Byck from the Earth School Foundation will share clips from his upcoming film, "Carbon Nation" - climate change SOLUTIONS, and explain the process behind making a documentary film 3:00 PM - Lotus Blake Lotus Blake is an original rock n' roll music group from Louisville Kentucky that is more than just a band. It’s a production company that is a diverse group of artists with backgrounds in art, business, music, film & video, foto, theology, history, military, culinary, etc. The musical group features Mathieu Blake- songwriter, vocals, and guitar; Tony Gantt- percussion; D'eric Williams- bass; Johnny B.- guitar; Emily Caudill- violin. . 4:00 pm - "Rock that Uke", Directed by William Preston Robertson & Sean Anderson, an Al Smith Fellowship Artist "Rock That Uke" explores the world of punk rock ukulele, for want of a more exact description. It's really about a variety of people who express their hopes, fears, yearning, anger, dissatisfaction, joy, art, etc., through a very small sound hole."Rock That Uke" has screened on KET and at venues across the United States, and has a devoted following in Australia and some corners of England, according to the rumors. 4:00 PM - Hand Percussion Workshop with Jyn Yates, Sponsored by Mom's Music 4:00 PM - Louisville Dulcimer Society The Louisville Dulcimer Society is Dedicated to Sharing Music & Friendship and promoting Traditional, American, Mountain, & Celtic Music. 7:30 pm – Kentucky Homefront – Presenting: "The Legends Concert - Romp 2007", Film Directed by Joe Gray On the 4th Thursday of every June, the International Bluegrass Music Museum opens its annual festival, ROMP: the River of Music Party, with The Legends Concert showcasing the immense performance skills of Bluegrass Music's 1st & early 2nd generation musicians. In addition to a wonderful performance by Mike Seeger, you will see sets by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, The Dismembered Tennesseans, Byron Berline, Dan Crary and John Hickman (as Berline-Crary-Hickman). The Stephen Couch duo and Regional Bluegrass All Stars (Steve Cooley, Jeff Guernsey, Michael Cleveland, Nathan Livers, and Larry Raley). John Gage will host the concert which will be taped and aired on public radio stations across the region. About the Clifton Center : The Clifton Center, located at 2117 Payne Street in Louisville, Kentucky, is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994. Its mission is to provide the Clifton, Crescent Hill and Louisville Metro with a quality facility for artistic productions, meetings and programs that further an enriched sense of community. An integral part of our work includes the restoration and renovation of our 80-year old Historic Register building for 21st century viability. The Center welcomes over 80,000 people every year and serves a wide variety of groups with great spaces for 5 to 500 to meet and greet, rehearse and perform and celebrate and educate. For rental information, check our web site, or call us at 502.896.8480 for information.
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