Local action comedy 'Overtime' now available on DVD and Blu-Ray

Local action comedy 'Overtime' now available on DVD and Blu-Ray

I have always said that I love this city because it fosters its creative talent. Anybody with the talent and determination to pursue their creative goals can make it happen here. I've witnessed it myself. It's a beautiful thing.

Last year I sat down with Brian Cunningham to talk about the film Overtime, for which he was cinematographer and co-writer along with Matt Niehoff, who also directed. Cunningham described Overtime as “basically a buddy comedy about two hitmen” who encounter “zombie aliens.” Al Snow and John Wells star as Raph and Max, respectively. It is Raph's son's birthday, and when he and Max are sent out on a hit, all he wants is to get the job done, get a cake and a present, and get home in time for the party. Things get complicated when they find themselves locked in a warehouse filled with flesh-eating alien zombies.

The zombie thing is just about played out among amateur filmmakers – or seasoned ones, for that matter – but this fact doesn't matter if there is serious talent both behind and in front of the camera. The script is tight, the action is fun and explosive, and Wells and Snow make a perfect team on-screen. Its screening at last year's Derby City Film Festival to a sold-out theater resulted in a well-deserved standing ovation.

Niehoff and Cunningham currently have great cause to celebrate, as their film has achieved what all independent filmmakers long for: nationwide distribution. Overtime is available for purchase at Wal-Mart and Amazon.com, as well as on Netflix. It can also be bought at Wild and Woolly Video, which is recommended for a double-local purchase.

Stay tuned for updates on Cunningham's next project: the documentary Monsters Wanted.

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