Local film 'It's in the Blood' released on Video-On-Demand today [Movies]

Local film 'It's in the Blood' released on Video-On-Demand today [Movies]

I have used this platform to discuss local filmmakers on several occasions. I love our city because it fosters our creative individuals. If you have an artistic vision and the drive to make it happen, you can find people to help you and make a name for yourself, even on a small level – I've seen it happen many times. And sometimes you can succeed spectacularly.

Take, for example, Sean Elliott and Scooter Downey, two Louisvillians who have been friends since kindergarten. Together they created the film It's in the Blood, which had its Kentucky premiere at this year's Derby City Film Festival. They co-wrote the script and Downey directed while Elliott starred alongside a truly impressive acquisition – the great Lance Henrikson (Aliens, Millennium).

The film tells the story of a father and son, Russell (Henrikson) and October (Elliott), who go for a camping trip in the woods. It comes out that they have been estranged for a while since some sort of traumatic incident. When Russell is injured, October is left to fend off the darkness of the forest, which is ever encroaching and may or may not be a product of their own minds.

Downey and Elliott are proud to announce the release of It's in the Blood on the following Video-on-Demand platforms: iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu. It is a fantastic film, creepy and deep, and an excellent example of local talent. Halloween is just a few days away and tonight is supposed to be dark and stormy – the perfect excuse to curl up and watch just such a thriller.

Complete information about It's in the Blood and the filmmakers can be found at the film's website.

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