Local film 'Wireface: In the Beginning' nominated for Best Drama Short at the Bare Bones Film Festival [Movies]

Local film nominated for Best Drama Short at the Bare Bones Film Festival [movie

Last February, I had the privilege of attending the Derby City Film Festival. While there I met with festival directors Kristofer and Ashley Rommel and had the opportunity to see their short film “Wireface: In the Beginning” which screened as a prelude to [the fantastic] zombie comedy “Overtime.” To be honest, I wasn’t much impressed with “Wireface” – my own personal opinion – but apparently the right people liked it enough to deliver some good news on the subject to the Rommels: “Wireface: In the Beginning” has been nominated for Best Drama Short Film at this year’s Bare Bone’s Independent Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

“Wireface” is a prequel to an upcoming feature film about a serial killer named… Wireface! The prequel tells the story of the man who will become Wireface and his descent into madness after he loses everything. A Horror-Fying Blog wrote in praise of the film:

Joshua Loren did a remarkable job at playing Xaiver Paris – and man who become known as Wireface. His ability to show his anguish as it grabs him like the barbs on barbwire- and tangle him up in his psyche and his spirit- to the point that he crosses that line to a dark world of a killer, the transformation of his mind to the mind of a killer. He killed this role- he mastered the role- he brought a tear to my eye to see him fall into this abyss of despair!

In addition to the short film, fifteen webisodes and a graphic novel have been produced which tell of subsequent events in the story. All this is meant to lead up to the upcoming feature film. (I have as yet no word on what stage of production the project is in.)

All things “Wireface” can be found at the film’s official website.

Image: “Wireface” website.

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