Locally based Movie Meltdown podcast nominated for a Rondo Award [Movies]

Locally based Movie Meltdown podcast nominated for a Rondo Award [Movies]

Regular patrons of my writings are probably already familiar with the Movie Meltdown podcast, at least by name, after reading my interview a few months ago with Bryan Renfro, creator and mastermind of the show. In each and every episode of Movie Meltdown, Bryan and some friends drink way too much coffee and discuss all things movies, focusing each week on a specific film or topic.

(In fact, I had the privilege of participating in the most recent two episodes, in which we discussed the topic of traumatizing films. Click here for a direct link to the episode downloads.)

Movie Meltdown has recently been nominated in the category of “Best Horror Multimedia” in the tenth annual Rondo Hatton Awards. The Rondos are completely fan-based; nominees are selected by film fanatics, focusing specifically in the horror genre. There are 31 categories covering all aspects of film and the horror genre in general, including Best Film of 2011, Best Magazine, Best Blog, Best Convention, and so on. The winner of each category receives a nifty award: a bust of actor Rondo Hatton (pictured above) as he appeared in the 1946 film “House of Horrors”.

Voting occurs by e-mail; voters are to copy and paste the ballot onto an e-mail and mark their selections. Again: voting is completely fan-based, and ballot stuffing is prohibited.

Click here for a direct link to the voting ballot. The website also includes links to past winners as well as more information about the Rondo Awards. Go! and vote! and support your local media! Movie Meltdown is included in category #23. And listen in to the podcast each and every week for some of the best movie discussions you will ever hear; the website has links to subscribe via iTunes.

Picture courtesy of the Rondo Awards website.

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