Louisville’s biggest Bon Jovi fans welcome the band in a big way [Music]


Louisville loves Bon Jovi. Some Louisvillians more than others.

Nick and Alice Dawson were so thrilled that Bon Jovi was coming to HullabaLOU at Churchill Downs—just a stone’s throw from their Denmark Street home—that they held up a sign. This sign, however, didn’t get lost in the crowd—they decorated their house so the rockers would be sure to see it from the air.

Along with a giant mockup of the cover of the group’s 2005 release Have a Nice Day for the front porch, Nick created a trio of un-missable messages for those looking below: HEY! BON JOVI and MY MOM SAYS HI—a response, says Nick, to an interview in which frontman Jon Bon Jovi wore a shirt that read, TELL YOUR MOM I SAID HI—along with an illustration of their two-year-old son, who already is a big fan of his mom’s favorite musicians. “Whenever he sees a picture of them he points out, ‘Hey Mommie and Daddy, Bon Dovi,’” says Alice. “And he can identify Jon and Richie [Sambora], so we are training the next generation well.” 

All that hard work paid off: Not only did someone associated with the group spot the sign, a screen grab from a WLKY raw video wound up on the Bon Jovi site with a special thank you for the Dawsons’ efforts

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