Louisville’s Courier-Journal crashes & burns. Again. [Opinion: The Arena]

Is your newspaper missing?

CJ FADING_0.gifWe must confess to having a soft spot in our heart for the Courier-Journal.  We have been reading it daily for more than 60 years (longer than Arnie Garson has been eating solid food), and still hold it in respectful reverence.  The C-J has received 10 Pulitzer Prizes, and used to be considered one of the top 20 daily newspapers in the nation.  Since Gannett took over, the C-J has started to slip, and in now in 47th place, by circulation.  We never had the pleasure of meeting old Henry Watterson; but we grew up imbued with the wisdom of such luminaries as Barry Bingham, Carol Sutton, John Ed Pearce, Hugh Haynie, Vince Crowdus, Bob Hill, Dick Kaukas, Joe Creason, Bert Emke, and Adele Brandeis.  They’re all gone now, and—so long as the Arnie Garson type bean-counters continue to run the show—it appears that their likes will not be seen again.  Quelle Dommage.  Je suis desolee .


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