Louisville’s love affair with Hugh Haynie

The famous Hugh Haynie Christmas cartoon

Interestingly, Hugh had drawn an earlier version of his famous Christmas cartoon for one of his previous employers, The Greensboro Daily News, but his editor thought it was too sentimental. So much for editorial judgment.

Hugh Haynie 1223d.jpgI will accept second-place to no one in my criticism of the Courier-Journal, but their decision to run Hugh’s Christmas cartoon every year as an homage to that great soul is an act of tenderness befitting a great newspaper. And as long as they do so, I will never cancel my subscription. Bet a lot of their readers feel the same way.

So, this Christmas Eve, as I have for the past five decades, I will look forward to going out onto my front porch and retrieving the good ol’ C-J; and when I find Hugh’s cartoon right were it’s supposed to be, a warm glow of nostalgia will defeat the winter’s chill. Once again, I’ll remember Hugh Haynie, and how I miss him. He was my friend. And he was my cartoonist.


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The famous Hugh Haynie Christmas cartoon was run in The Bellarmine Concord on December 11, 1963, by permission of the artist.  Later copyrighted by The Courier-Journal.  Printed from original zinc plate, in possession of the author; a gift from the artist.  Other photos from KET Television, and The College of William and Mary.

Hugh Haynie 1223g.jpg


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