Louisville Bats and the Bobblehead


Recently, the Louisville Bats had a giveaway for their newest bobblehead, this time it was in honor of Billy Hamilton, the August 10th giveaway bobblehead shows Hamilton doing what he does best, stealing bases. This comes after Hamilton made it to the Triple A record books for having the most steals.

Now, I have a bobblehead collection, I've always liked them, especially ones that are limited edition and feature athletes I have watched and been impressed by as such Hamilton's is one of those.

The Bats have notably honored a number of athletes with bobbleheads of their own though, and I thought it'd be cool just to take a look back at some of these.

Of course, here's catcher Corky Miller's bobblehead, for when he was with the Bats. Currently, Miller is a major league catcher for the Reds. 

Here's the Bats salute to Cuban defector and current Reds hurler, Aroldis Chapman. With fast balls that average one hundred miles an hour Chapman was a much talked about player during his time in the 'Ville.

Here's a bobblehead from 2010 featuring two of the best athletes to come out of the Bats in recent years in Votto and Hamilton, who of course both continue to have excellent careers in major league baseball.

Back when they were the Riverbats and Deion Sanders suited up for Louisville it created quite a stir, as such a bobblehead to honor the legendary baseball and football player to commemorate the event just made.

I would be remiss not to mention Buddy's bobblehead, the steady and jovial mascot for the Bats

Images courtesy of Courier Journal, Cincinnatti.com, MILB.com, Bobbledolls,Bobblebums