Louisville is Covered in Ice, JCPS is Closed, and Winter is Still Happening: What You Need to Know This Morning


In case you're blearily scrolling in your phone in bed and you haven't opened your curtains yet, just know know that everything's pretty much covered in ice. Not Chicago-level ice (it's basically Hoth in Chicago, if you don't believe me check out the pictures) and not even 2009 Louisville-level ice, but still, ice. 

Here's a list of school closings.

Here's a list of power outages Kentucky.

Here's a list of power outages in Southern Indiana. 

Here's a current traffic map

If you're stuck at home with the kids today:

Here's a list of indoor play ideas for the Louisville area

Here's a list of places to sled in the Louisville area

And just for fun:

Four Ways Louisville Reacts to Snow 

Stay warm and safe!

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