Louisville Entrepreneur Profiles - PopCosmo.com [Business]


Kim and Chloe are making Louisville their home base for a website with world wide content and want PopCosmo.com to be a place where teens can come get unbiased reviews and pertinent information.  There is no "pay to play" the ladies explained and went on to say that they will only review places and products that they stand behind, use themselves, or would recommend.  If they interview someone about their business or product and aren't fully behind it, they don't write a review for it, which I think only adds to their credibility.  They are currently non-profitable, but that is next in their plan of attack.  Now that Chloe has the content stream revving, Kim says that finding revenue streams is her responsibility. 

I was very impressed with these two business partners and their strategy.  They understand that content can drive people to you, but its how you engage them once they're there that keeps them coming back.  With their ever growing network, an under abundance of teen focused websites, and an audience that craves to be connected with and "in the know", don't be surprised to hear much more from these two savvy women over the next few years.

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