The Louisville Film Society presents 'Answer This'

The Louisville Film Society presents 'Answer This'

Since the dawn of time, from the age of the cavemen, mankind has been obsessed with random bits of facts and knowledge. Maybe not that far back – but the world of trivia is something that has some sort of universal appeal, and it's curious to think about why. Game shows, board games, pub trivia nights – all sorts of traditions have sprung up to give people a chance to prove they know more about random and generally pointless facts than anybody else. And it's a hell of a lot of fun! Perhaps we like to think that if we have a wide spread of superficial knowledge, it translates to Ultra-Smarts – when, of course, it's really depth of knowledge that matters. But who cares – when you're at a bar with your friends and pounding beers and getting all the answers right first, it's a rush, man! And that's what trivia is all about!

Tonight, the Louisville Film Society presents a story about the high stakes of a trivial game (see what I did there?) with a special screening of Answer This, written and directed by Funny Or Die contributor Christopher Farah. Christopher Gorham stars as Paul Tarson, a man in grad school with no idea what he's going to do when he gets out. The answer? Assemble a team and delve deep into the world of pub trivia. Along the way, he maybe learns a little bit about life, love, and friendship.

As an added bonus, Christopher Farah himself will be attending the screening for a Q&A following the film.

Answer This will be shown at 7:00 tonight, Tuesday, at the Dreamland Film Center, located at 810 E. Market Street. Admission is $15. Complete information about the event can be found at the Louisville Film Society website.

(A side note: check out the Movie Meltdown podcast this Friday as your favorite film discussion crew – which includes myself, by the way – sit down with Tracy of LFS to discuss Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, along with a number of potentially awkward tangents about racial sensitivity, failed marriages, and movies about people falling in love with sex dolls.)

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