The Louisville Film Society presents Film Financing 101 and 'Holy Motors'

The Louisville Film Society presents Film Financing 101 and 'Holy Motors'

It has been a busy month over at the ol' Dreamland Film Center, headquarters of the Louisville Film Society and mecca for Louisville lovers of the lights and sounds of the screen, bringing you, the public, rare, interesting, and astounding feats of cinema. What's happening this weekend, you ask? Read on!

It takes money to make a film. Yes: it can be done with a very low-to-nonexistent budget. There are some amazing things happening here in Louisville with very little money. However, as you, the burgeoning filmmaker, continue on your artistic odyssey, eventually you are likely going to become more ambitious, push some limits. Money comes in handy. Tomorrow – Saturday – Michael Fitzer, the Emmy Award-winning producer of documentaries such as Pleased to Meet Me and Into the Lighthouse, will be at the Dreamland Film Center to present Independent Film Financing 101, your guide to getting money for your movies. The class runs from 10:00 to 1:00 and costs $20. Complete information as well as advance registration can be found here.

Come back in the evening for a screening of Leos Carax's Holy Motors, which critic Peter Bradshaw described as “a gorgeous furry teacup of a film.” Denis Lavant stars as Monsieur Oscar, who rides around in a limo to keep various “appointments” with the help of masks and disguises, all in the midst of a colorful splatterfest of surrealism. Holy Motors will be screened twice, at 5:00 and 8:00. Admission is $5 for LFS members and $8 for the general public.

The Dreamland Film Center is located at 810 E. Market Street. Complete information about all the goings-on can be found at the Louisville Film Society website.

Image: Internet Movie Database

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